About The Brand Design team Development History

At Mark Alan, we pride ourselves on our  fast-fashion trends and most importantly, our loyal brand following who has come to know Mark Alan for exceptional quality, style and affordability.  We bring to market what others don't dare: High-fashion style mixed with our fast-fashion expertise honed in Europe, beating other brands to market with the latest styles at affordable prices.
How you may ask?  We do it all!  Our sourcing, design and manufacturing are all in-house. With over 40 designers from around the world, we are able to keep ahead of the latest fashion trends across the international market. We own our factories in countries such as China, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Myanmar, Armenia and Ethiopia, with more on the way!
Famously known for our superior leather, suede and vegan apparel, we have grown to accommodate customer needs: designing and manufacturing with natural and synthetic fibers for the sportswear and outerwear markets. Originally focused on the U.S. markets demand for Missy and Plus sizes, we have continued to grow into the Men's and Children's categories due to our great success, and as always, geared toward the well-established Mark Alan customer we've come to know so well.